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Ramul Dvarishkis & Bombo

Ramul Dvarishkis & Bombo

We are located 2 miles south of Torrington, Wyoming and about 70 miles north of Cheyenne. Our horses come from the Morgans that Ramul Dvarishkis raised for so many years. His bloodlines read like the who’s who in Morgan horse history. Spending over 40 plus years of my life working, riding, and learning from Ramul was a wonderful part of my life.

Now I plan on carrying on his name along with Ramul’s prefix because it is a big part of Western Morgan horse history, and I do not want to see it lost or forgotten.

So in some ways this site will not only focus on myself, but also my wife, Evelyn, and our horses which all carry Dvarishkis breeding. We will try to entertain you with not only Ramul and his legacy but we will introduce you to some of our new and old Morgan horse friends. Some are from the far west, some from the east, Calif. to Mass. Canada to Texas.

Though not a breeder myself at this time, I remember Ramul telling a reporter, “The reason I raise the Morgans I do is because I can raise them better than trying to go out and buy them”. Ramul was and always will be a Morgan Horse legend. All I am doing is trying to keep the embers glowing. There are Morgans, and then there are other horses.

Stan Todorovich & Ramuls Tucson

Stan & Ramuls Tucson

This site may be a tribute to Ramul, but it is more about the Morgan Horse people, places, happenings, and the feeling they have towards an American legend, the Morgan Horse. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, well with this site you will hopefully enjoy People, Places, and Memories to treasure for a lifetime, and pass it down to your children. That’s what makes riding and owning a Morgan so special.

I spent the best years of my life with Morgan horses and riding with one of the great horseman in the history of the Morgan Horse. So sit back, relax, and look at a part of Morgan history from one man’s eyes, and thoughts who spent so much time with a guy who was a legend, but also my best friend. So come along and ride the high country with an old guy who has been there.

Having spent time in the Marines in Vietnam, this site is also dedicated to all the men and women in our Armed Forces, past, present, and future. I remember just wanting to get back home alive, to ride a good horse, to see my family again, and spend some much needed time with my father Eddie, who was a Sheriff for 28 years. I hope to keep this site updated with new pictures, stories, and, memories so come back whenever you need a break.

I also dedicate this site to my wife, Evelyn, who can sit a saddle with the best of them, plus she took a lot of the photos in this site. And she is, also, the one who puts up with me. Now you know a little about me, come, enjoy our website.